Some facts about us

Sievert Partners is a global community of professionals, entrepreneurs and investors committed to positive social and business impact in the world - bringing a powerful unconventional combination of international experience, ethics and passion.

We partner with our clients to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges and transform their businesses on a global basis.

We can walk the talk because we have been there.

Sievert Partners offers you and your project team the knowledge, experience, network and financial solutions required to succeed.

Knowledge & Experience

Our people bring a wealth of knowledge from their professional experience unparalleled in the market.
We have a vast experience in a wide variety of sectors, industries and countries.


At Sievert Partners we believe Trust has to be the fulcrum of all our operations.
Building Trust with our Clients, Regulators and Authorities, Service Providers and Partners is critical in all our relationships.


Our clients can benefit from our extensive network of contacts all over the world. Knowing how to manage projects is as important as knowing whom with, and we offer you both.


Our Differential Values

Integrity. We take it personally.

We believe that professional and personal Excellence have to come together.
Our strong Ethical Commitment and Values shape the difference of our people and work.
We don't put our Values on a poster. We put them on practice.
We believe it is worth to drive our Values in everything we do.
Integrity. Respect. Humility. Confidence.
Generosity. Service. Acceptance. Partnership.
Client-centric. Adaptability. Counselling. Efficiency.


Born as an Executive Business School Program. 

Sievert Partners was originally envisioned by a group of senior executives participating in one of the Executive Programs of the IESE Business School.

It quickly materialized into a business initiative and thereafter into a full blown consulting company as a number of executives joined as Partners thus providing the necessary materiality, capabilities and expertise whilst also bringing their top quality network contacts.

Inspiration within a family name.

Josef and Clara Sievert’s legacy of entrepreneurship and determination inspired us all.
Josef Sievert, a Field Marshall of the German Imperial Army, and his wife, took their family and escaped from Germany in 1860, to protect their way of life, their beliefs and values. Josef ended up in Southern Europe becoming a prosperous and highly respected clockmaker.
They had to adapt to a foreign country, a different culture and Josef had to reinvent himself professionally to open up new opportunities.
Josef is the relative of two of our founding partners and represents, more than a century later, an inspiration to all Sievert Partners to establish an organization with a clear purpose to create economic and social value based on strong principles such as Respect and Integrity.



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